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A Constituent List allows you to ask questions of your Donorfy based on a Constituent's Profile, such as contact details, Tags, comms purposes and financial summary data and is used as the basis for syncing data to MailChimp. 

To create your Constituent List see the article: Creating a new List 


From within a Constituent List you can also:

Show in Menu

Opt to display your List within the Constituent Menu.


You will find this option to the right of your List description and when selected it means that the list will be visible as a sub-menu item under the Constituents link in the left-hand navigation area (click the + button to reveal them).



You can now also set a Constituent List so that it is only viewable within the Show in Menu list to those users that are tagged in the List. To add the permissions, click into the drop-down box called "Which users can see?". A selection list will appear of those users who have Lists as a user setting permission. You can click on each user that you would like to see this List from within the Show in Menu list, then Save & Update Preview.



Check purpose permissions? & Check channel permissions?


If you intend to perform a mailing based on your List - you use this option to quickly ensure that the constituents within your List have consented to the appropriate Purposes and/Or Channels without building the criteria into the List Filters. 

To use the function  click in the appropriate box and select any of the settings required,




Please note that the relationship between the settings is AND so if you select from both Channels and Purposes both conditions will need to be met.




List should include archived constituents


You can opt to include any archived constituents in the result set - toggle the option to Yes and Save and Preview - the data set will now include these constituents. 

If you would like to limit the type of archived constituents to a certain reason or reasons, then you will need to add the ArchivedReason field to your List Filters accordingly.


Download options - Export, separate channels, and create Activities

Under the download data option there are some standard features and also some additional features are available when export Constituent Lists:



  • Only include the selected columns in the download - this option, when selected, will download the data columns that you have selected within your data view. 

The option will include data useful for mailings, so you dont need to add these to your data outputs and can concentrate on the items that are important. The details automatically included are:

  • PreferredContactDetails and PreferredContactMethod
  • Constituent_Title, Constituent_FirstName, Constituent_MiddleName, Constituent_LastName, Constituent_Suffix, Constituent_Formerly, Constituent_AlsoKnownAs, Constituent_OrganisationName
  • PreferredJobTitle, PreferredDepartment, PreferredOrganisationName, PreferredRoleDescription
  • PreferredHouseBuildingNumber, PreferredAddressLine1, PreferredAddressLine2, PreferredTown PreferredCounty, PreferredCountry, PreferredPostalCode, PreferredAreaDescription, PreferredRegionDescription 
  • PreferredEmailAddress, PreferredPhone, PreferredMobilePhone,
  • PreferredLabelName, PreferredSalutation


  • Create separate files for each communication channel - when selected will create separate CSV files for each channel in the List results:


  • Combine people at the same address into one row - If you select his option then if the download file contains people who are linked to another constituent’s address only one row will be included in the download file for those people - the address, label name and salutation from the linked address will be included in the file.

  • Use Alternate label name and Salutation - Will be added to your download file
  • Add Activities to Timeline - when selected, this will create a new Activity on the Timeline for every Constituent in the List. Date, Campaign, Activity Type and Notes data options are presented, for example:


Activities added in error via a Constituent List can be removed by using the Undo Activities option - The download can be located at Home > My Downloads


To find the List - add the Details field to the list which is displayed.


Mailchimp Updates


Use this tab when syncing to a Mailchimp List. See this article for more info.


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