Updating Channels and adding/removing Tags with an Upload File


You can upload (import) a file and use it to

  • Add or remove tags from existing constituents, or
  • Allow or block communication channels for existing constituents  

Note - Updates to channels made via this importer do not get recorded in the Preference Centre History - if you want to update the history use the Channels & Purposes updater - see this 

The file you upload must contain suitable data to find the constituents you want to update, your file can use any of these fields for that

  • Constituent Number
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  • External Key

You do not need to use a template, just a simple excel workbook containing one or more of the above fields.  Make sure the sheet name is something other than one that is used in the upload template.

These are the steps you should follow

  • Upload your file - after the file has been checked click on Check Field Mappings
  • You should then choose Tag & Channel Updates for the type of data your file contains, then - as per the screen shot below - you can then specify the
    • tags that should be added or removed
    • channels that should be allowed or blocks - for the channels you can provide a reason and campaign to associated with the setting


Next you need to check the mappings for the fields you will use to find the constituents in Donorfy - as per the example below - after you have done this press Save Changes to continue

NB Please make sure your sheet name is not the same as one from your downloaded template otherwise Donorfy will try and upload your file as one of these.




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  • Key piece of information that is missing here is that unlike the File Uploader which uses an excel spreadsheet with multiple columns containing various Tags, this process uses a spreadsheet with JUST the identifiers in it (constituent Number, email, External ID etc). You build a list of Constituent Numbers that are applying/removing a specific Tag, one file for each Tag.

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