Opportunities - more info

Open an existing Opportunity - you can see that there are various tabs at the top:

  • Details - this is the basic information about this opp, and is covered in the Basics article.
  • Tasks - the Tasks related to this opp
  • Pledges - the Pledges related to this opp
  • Timeline - the timeline (phone calls, correspondence etc) relating to this opp

On the Tasks tab:

  • This tab shows Tasks related to this opp - e.g. follow-ups, reminders etc.
  • the form shows any existing tasks that already exist.
  • to add a new one, click Add Task button and enter the task info:
    • details - the description of the task - e.g. "Send latest Annual Report"
    • assigned to - will default to the opportunity assignee (on Details tab)
    • due date - when the task is due to be done
    • completed - set to Yes when it is done, defaults to No.

On the Pledges tab:

  • this tab shows the breakdown of the opportunity into instalments. They can be seen on the Pipeline chart by clicking the Pledges tab on the top of the chart
  • the form shows pledge instalments that have already been entered
  • to add a new one click Add Pledge
    • Title - a text description, such as "First instalment"
    • Amount - the monetary amount of the instalment
    • Status:
      • Pledged - the money has been pledged
      • Promised - promised (stronger than a pledge)
      • Received - the money has been received
      • Cancelled - the instalment has been cancelled

On the Timeline tab:

  • this tab shows the timeline activities (correspondence etc) relating to this opp. The entries on this tab also show on the constituent's timeline tab.
  • the form shows the existing timeline activities
  • to add a new one click the Add button and choose Activities
  • Date - the date of the activity
  • Type - the type of activity - choose from the drop-down list (can be customised in Settings)
  • Campaign - optional
  • Notes - text describing this activity.
  • Show as alert - selecting this (i.e. set to Yes) will make the text of this activity display as an alert on the Constituent record. So use this to if you want to add a note to draw attention to something important about this constituent, so that other users will see (they appear as orange speech-bubbles on the top-right of the Constituent form).
  • Create task - clicking this button allows you to also create a task when saving this timeline entry.


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