Using Tableau with Donorfy


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Tableau allows you to create visualisations based on your data. You can download a trial version of Tableau to evaluate it before you decide whether to buy it - or you can use the public version which is free.

Tableau will retrieve data via the Donorfy data service, to use the data service you will need to find your API key - see this article for help with that.

Your link to the Donorfy data service will be<your api key> e.g. if your api key was abcdefgh your link would be

When using Tableau you have to add the name of the data source to the end of your data service link- see this article for details of the data sources.

For example if you want to work with Constituent data add Constituents to the end of the link e.g. Note that Tableau is case sensitive so make sure you have a capital C on Constituents

When you start Tableau choose OData from the left hand menu and set up your OData connection by entering your data source link into the server field, your user name and password and then press OK


There are many videos and articles available at the Tableau web site to help you learn how to use Tableau.

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