Using Excel with Donorfy


You can use Excel to analyse or create visualisations based on your data by connecting Excel to the Donorfy Data Service.

The Donorfy data service uses OData to provide data to Excel - depending on the version of Excel you have you may need to download a plugin from the Microsoft website to allow Excel to work with OData.



The data API Odata link is a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


Excel will retrieve data via the Donorfy Data Service, to use the data service you will need to find your System API key - see this article for help with that.

To use this feature your Donorfy sign-in needs access to the Donorfy Data Service - see this article for help managing user permissions.



How to enable and link to Excel

From the Data tab in Excel choose 'From Other Sources' in 'Get External Data' section, from the list displayed choose 'From Odata Data Feed'


From the Data Connection Wizard enter the link to Donorfy Data Service

Your link to the Donorfy Data Service will be<your api key> e.g. if your api key was abcdefgh your link would be


Enter your user name and password

Next, you will have to select the data sources (tables) you want to work with,


Once you have done that you can then create tables, charts and pivot tables


 Errors Reading Data

Occasionally we have encountered error messages opening oData feeds from the Data tab in Excel similar to the example below

These appear to be caused by the way Excel samples the data - the only workarounds we have found are to 

  1. Install Power Query into Excel and use that to read in the data
  2. For users of Office 365, Excel 16 or 19, you can use Get & Transform - see Microsoft support article
  3. Use an alternative tool - such as Power BI


Connection failure

The underlying connection was closed error message:


TLS 1.2 is used and if the registry file is not enabled on your computer the connection will fail.

If TLS 1.2 is required, please ask your organisation's IT person to enable it for you.



Updating your login credentials:


If you have changed your password to Donorfy, then you will need to ensure that the credentials you are using to load the data link in Odata are also changed. 

To update the credentials associated with this feed, follow these steps: 

Go to the Data tab and click New query. From the menu, click Data Source Settings:

Highlight the link you would like to change permissions for. Click Edit permissions: 

In the next screen, click Edit under Credentials. Excel will them prompt you to enter the new credentials: 

Once you have changed your credentials, click on Save, followed by OK, and then Close.

Note: Do not use any auto-populate options as these may enter the incorrect details and you will then receive an error message. 


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