Campaign Expenses

The campaign expenses tab allows you to add budgeted or actual expenses for your campaigns - this data can be then be used to work out the return on investment (ROI) for your campaign - i.e. for every £1 you spent how many £s did you raise.

The Add Expense button on the Expenses tab allows you add an expense, when you do this you can enter

  • The date, description and amount of the expense
  • Whether the amount is 
    • A fixed cost and not dependent on the audience size or response rate of the campaign
    • Per audience - this means the amount entered is multiplied by the audience size on the Campaign's profile tab to give the total expense
    • Per transaction - this means the amount entered is multiplied by the transactions received to give the total expense
  • If the amount is an actual or budget amount 

You can edit or delete existing expenses by clicking on them in the grid

Working with Budget & Actual Amounts

If you want record budgets and actuals we recommend that you enter the budget amount (e.g. Printing £1,000) and when you know the actual amount enter a new expense as the actual (e.g. Printing £950)

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