Campaign Expenses


The campaign expenses tab allows you to add budgeted or actual expenses for your campaigns - this data can be then be used to work out the return on investment (ROI) for your campaign - i.e. for every £1 you spent how many £s did you raise.

The Add Expense button on the Expenses tab allows you add an expensemceclip2.png

This allows you to enter the details associated with that particular expense

  • The date, description, and amount of the expense
  • Whether the amount is 
    • A fixed cost and not dependent on the audience size or response rate of the campaign
    • Per audience - this means the amount entered is multiplied by the audience size on the Campaign's profile tab to give the total expense
    • Per transaction - this means the amount entered is multiplied by the transactions received to give the total expense
  • If the amount is an actual or budget amount 



You can edit or delete existing expenses by clicking on them in the grid, in the example below each of the expenses were for adverts placed at a fixed cost of £20. Once any changes are made click on the save changes button.




Working with Budget & Actual Amounts

If you want record budgets and actuals we recommend that you enter the budget amount (e.g. Printing £1,000) and when you know the actual amount enter a new expense as the actual (e.g. Printing £950)


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