Campaign Analytics


The campaign analytics tab shows the following information

  • Chart of new constituents recruited by month - this is for the year given on the campaign profile - if no year is specified the current year is used
  • Chart of donation amount per month 
  • ROI - Return on Investment - this is worked out from the campaigns actual expenses and the total amount given
  • Response Rate - this percentage is calculated using the audience size on the campaign profile and the number of gifts received
  • Actual Expenses & Budgeted Expenses are worked out from the expenses you have entered - for more information see this article 
  • Statistics relating to gifts - e.g. smallest gift, largest gift etc - are worked out from the transactions linked to the campaign
  • If any opportunities are linked to the campaign then a summary is shown of the opportunities 
  • If a Mailchimp campaign has been linked, this will show in the analysis section at the foot of the page.





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