Campaign Analytics


The analytics tab on your Campaign provides a visual overview of how the Campaign has performed in various areas.


The campaign analytics tab shows the following information

  • Chart of new constituents recruited by month - this is for the year given on the campaign profile - if no year is specified the current year is used
  • Chart of donation amount per month 
  • ROI - Return on Investment - this is worked out from the campaigns actual expenses and the total amount given
  • Response Rate - this percentage is calculated using the audience size on the campaign profile and the number of gifts received
  • Actual Expenses & Budgeted Expenses are worked out from the expenses you have entered - for more information see this article 
  • Statistics relating to gifts - e.g. smallest gift, largest gift etc - are worked out from the transactions linked to the campaign
  • If any opportunities are linked to the campaign then a summary is shown of the opportunities 
  • If a Mailchimp campaign has been linked, this will show in the analysis section at the foot of the page.




Please note

The data is updated throughout the day when new transactions have been added, though some transactions and other items will only appear until the following morning (after the nightly refresh) due to being added by other integrations or uploaded via the File Uploader. 

Transactions that have a Product that is set to be used for Giving Stats will appear in your Campaign Analytics. Any Products not set to be used for Giving Stats will not be included. 


Image 2022-01-31 at 4.58.19 PM



Mailchimp Analytics




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