Importing CAF Payment Files


If this is the first time you have imported a CAF file you should go into Settings (see this) search for Payment Methods and add a new payment method called 'CAF'

Each time you download a file from CAF you will need to open it in Excel and add the following columns

  • Constituent Type 
  • Product 
  • Payment Method 
  • BlockMail
  • BlockEmail
  • BlockPhone
  • BlockSMS
  • ExcludeFromGiftAid

Now you need to enter some data into the columns you added, as follows:

  • Constituent Type - e.g. Individual, Company etc - enter the correct value into this column depending who the donation was from
  • Product - e.g. Donation 
  • Payment Method - e.g. CAF - enter the payment method you set up previously
  • Fund
  • Use the contents of the DonorMarketingPreferences column to set BlockMail, BlockEmail, BlockPhone & Block_SMS - for example
    • DonorMarketingPreferences contains  'no further contact' set all of BlockMail, BlockEmail, BlockPhone & BlockSMS to Yes
    • DonorMarketingPreferences contains 'email' then set BlockEmail to No and BlockMail, BlockPhone & BlockSMS to Yes
  • DonationTaxEffective is this contains 
    • Tax Effective set ExcludeFromGiftAid to Yes

Save the file as an Excel spreadsheet

Upload the Excel spreadsheet to Donorfy

If this is the first time you have uploaded a file of this type you will need to

  • Set up the field mappings (see this article
  • You should also get Donorfy to save the reference number CAF allocated to each donor - this is usually in a column called DonorURN (see this article)

When you upload subsequent files you can re-use the field mappings you used the first time - see this article for more information 


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