Using Power BI with Donorfy



This is a Professional Plan only feature - to upgrade see


Power BI retrieves data via the Donorfy Data Service, to use the data service you will need to find your System API key - see this article for help with that.

To use this feature your Donorfy sign-in needs access to the Donorfy Data Service - see this article for help managing user permissions.


Microsoft Power BI allows you to create visualisations based on your data. It is free, but with a subscription for certain features.

To use Power BI with Donorfy you need to download and install the Power BI Desktop edition. This is a Windows application (will not run on a Mac).

Your link to the Donorfy Data Service will be<your api key> e.g. if your api key was abcdefgh your link would be

In Power BI Desktop:

  1. Click Get Data, and select OData Feed.
  2. Copy and paste this into the URL: where XXXXXXX is your Donorfy API key (found in Donorfy under Settings | Account | Donorfy Settings)
  3. Then you're prompted to log in:
    1. select Basic on the left-hand side
    2. enter your Donorfy user name and password
    3. from the drop-down box ("select which level...") choose the longest one, i.e. the one containing your Donorfy API key at the end.

Once connected you will be able to see the Data Source in Power BI, and you will have the Donorfy tables available to you. You will then be able to create reports and dashboards using your Donorfy data in Power BI.



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