Creating a new List


Lists give you a way to view the information in your database. When you create a List you need to ask yourself what you want a List of - such as:

  • I need a list of people who are tagged with "volunteer" - that would be a Constituent List
  • I need to know what donations came in from Trusts - that would be a Transaction List
  • I need a list of open major gift asks - that would be an Opportunities List

and so on.

To create a new List:

  • click the orange Add button and click on the kind of List you wish to create, under the Lists section.
  • edit the List name (it will default to New Transaction List, New Constituent List etc)
  • click on the orange Add Include Filter button to add a condition to the filter. e.g. if you are creating a Transaction list and just want to show Transactions from Trusts you will need a condition that says ConstituentType equals Trust.
  • click on the blue Save Update & Preview button to see the results.
  • add further conditions by repeating the above.

Donorfy Lists support multiple conditions that can be grouped together using AND, OR and parentheses (brackets).

You can select the columns you want to display by clicking the column selector icon at the top-right of the List results.


You can sort the List results by clicking on the column headings - initially the list will be sorted into ascending order - i.e. smallest value first - this is indicated by a blue triangle pointing up. If you click the heading again the sort order will be reversed - i.e. with the largest value first - this is indicated by a triangle pointing down



When the results of a List are displayed you have, depending on the List type, the option of doings various things with them:

  • Download - downloads the List results as a CSV file
  • Tag - assigns a tag to all Constituents in the List
  • Report - produces a report in PDF format with optional totals, according to the sort order.

There are certain special additional features for Constituent Lists - see the specific How Constituent Lists work article.

There are special aspects that you need to consider when working with Transaction Lists - see the Understanding Transaction Lists article.

To view and edit Lists that have already been created, go to the Home page and select the Lists tab. To edit the List's settings click on List Settings from the orange Manage button.


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Lists - enrol here


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