Downloading a List


All Lists in Donorfy can be quickly and easily downloaded so that you can either create a mailing from, use in a report, undertake further analysis, etc...

You can choose which columns are included in your download by:

  • Choosing the columns you using the column selector button (highlighted in the green box below) 
  • Press the download button - shown with the yellow box below
  • Setting 'Only include the selected columns in the download' to yes - the orange box below - if you leave 'Only include the selected columns in the download'  set to No all fields will be included in your download



You can then download your List as a CSV by pressing the Prepare Download button 

The download will start to compile - a status bar will appear at the top of your screen:


To view the status click on the description link 'Click here for status'

If the file has not finished compiling (large or complex Lists may take a while) it will inform you that it is still processing.

When it has finished it will display a download option for you to click on and download the file:


Select the Download button and this will transfer the file to your device - usually your Downloads area, though it may depend on how you have set up your computer defaults. 

Clicking Close will close the downloads box.

A record of the Download will also be available from your Home > My Downloads tab






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