Downloading a List


All Lists in Donorfy can be quickly and easily downloaded so that you can either create a mailing, use in a report, undertake further analysis, etc...

You can choose which columns are included in your download by:

  • Choosing the columns you using the column selector button (highlighted in the green box below) 
  • Press the download button - shown with the yellow box below
  • Setting 'Only include the selected columns in the download' to yes - the orange box below - if you leave 'Only include the selected columns in the download'  set to No all fields will be included in your download (a Constituent List downloads some additional data based on preferred contact details - see this article for more information)



You can then download your List as a CSV by pressing the Prepare Download button 

The download will start to compile - a status bar will appear at the top of your screen:


To view the status, click on the description link 'Click here for status'

If the file has not finished compiling (large or complex Lists may take a while) it will inform you that it is still processing.

When it has finished it will display a download option for you to click on and download the file:


Select the Download button and this will transfer the file to your device - usually your Downloads area, though it may depend on how you have set up your computer defaults. 

Clicking Close will close the downloads box.

A record of the Download will also be available from your Home > My Downloads tab



Please note

Where a List contains over 100K of records, it is advisable to split the List so that the number of contacts is sub 100K. This will help to prevent data timeouts.



The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Lists - enrol here



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