Batched Transactions


If you have a number of transactions to enter you can enter them more quickly as a batch of transactions.




Transaction Batch Entry is a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


Under the Financial menu click on Batched Transactions. Here you can either create a Batch or create a new and/or use an existing Batch Transactions Template. 

To create a Batch Transactions Template, see this article: Batch Templates

Or you can then press Add Batch or select an existing batch from the list.

When you add a batch you can enter

  • A number of transactions and a batch total amount - if you enter values for these Donorfy will check you batch totals before you post the batch
  • Default values for various fields - these defaults will be automatically applied to transactions you add to the batch to speed up data entry
  • Changes to the batch header do not automatically change transactions already added to the batch

After you have selected your batch from the list of batches you can add transactions to it by pressing the Add Transaction to Batch - you can search for an existing constituent or make the transaction anonymous - to change the values that were applied from the batch header press the Show Details link. 

Once your transaction is complete press Save Changes.

Transactions in the batch can be edited by clicking on them.

Once your batch is complete you can post it by choosing the Post Batch option from the manage menu. The batch will be posted as a background task, and the transactions in the batch will be added to the constituents' timelines - once a batch is posted you can no longer edit or delete it.

Batches can be in one of the following statuses

  • Open - you can add, edit or delete transactions in the batch 
  • Ready - the batch is ready to be posted - no further changes or additions are allowed - the batch will become closed when it has been posted
  • Closed - the batch has been posted and no further changes or additions are allowed


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