Sample data to upload to Donorfy

If you're trialing Donorfy and need some data to play with, or just want an example for how to import some data, these sample files will help. Just download them and then upload into Donorfy in the order of their names (number 1 first, 2 second etc).

If you are going to upload the donations sample you will first need to add a campaign to your system called General Campaign.


There are two steps for each upload process - first Donorfy checks the contents of your file to make sure there are no errors or missing data. 

When using this sample data you will get a similar message to this after Donorfy has checked the file

47 row(s) in this file will be imported for an existing matched constituent

Donorfy is telling you that it has matched the data in the file (be it a donation, activity or GAD) and will add that information to the matched constituent.

You can go ahead and click on the Apply Changes button.

To find out more about importing data to Donorfy - view the various articles within the Data Management section.


Test Data

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