Adding Extra Fields to Tags


Donorfy allows you add extra fields to tags - e.g. to collect further information for analysis or reporting, you can 

  • Set up different fields for each type of tag
  • Have 10 text fields, 10 dates, 10 numbers & 10 yes/no fields for each tag

The fields you set up will be displayed when you click on a tag to edit it.

Setting Up the Fields

To set up the fields go into Settings and search for tags and tag categories - choose the tag category you want to work with.

Either add a new tag to the category or edit an existing tag

To add a field you enter a name for it under the heading for the type of data you want to store in the field then Save the tag

For example suppose you had a Newsletter tag you might offer a choose of formats, allow people to request a certain number and offer a large print version - you could set your newsletter tag up as shown below


Entering data into the extra fields

When you click on the tag in a constituents record you can enter values for the fields you have set up - as shown in the example below




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