Constituent Financial Stats


When you create a constituent list you can choose to filter and/or output using a variety of fields based on the constituent's financial history, these fields are available for various time periods


  • Fields containing 'This' - e.g. TotalAmountThisYear  - means the data is from the current year or 12 month period
  • Fields containing 'Last' - e.g. TotalAmountLastYear - means the data is from the year or 12 month period before 'this'
  • Fields containing 'Prior' - e.g. TotalAmountPriorYear - means the data is from the year or 12 month period before 'last' 
  • Tax year based figures - e.g. TotalAmountThisTaxYear run from April to the following March
  • Year figures - e.g. TotalAmountThisYear - are based on the calendar year - i.e. from 1st January to 31st December
  • 12 months figures - e.g. TotalAmountThis12Months - are rolling figures based on the current date - e.g. if you produced a list on 1st June 2016 the TotalAmountThis12Months would be from 31st May 2015 and 1st June 2016  
  • Payment methods with ‘Recurring Gift’ set to Yes are included in the both the totals for the years and the recurring totals



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