Damaged or Unreadable Upload File


If Donorfy has a problem reading a file that you have uploaded you will see message similar to the examples below 

To fix this problem you should start Excel and

  • Open the workbook you originally uploaded
  • Remove any worksheets that you are not using - i.e. leaving the one worksheet with your data in it
  • Save the workbook as a CSV file e.g. My Workbook.csv - see below - Excel may ask you to confirm you want to use this format - respond Yes

  • Close the workbook
  • Open the CSV version of the file - e.g. e.g. My Workbook.csv - and this time save as an Excel workbook with a new name e.g. My Workbook Fixed.xlsx 

  • Close Excel
  • Upload the fixed Excel file e.g. My Workbook Fixed.xlsx  to Donorfy





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