Uploading Campaigns & Settings


If you have a lot of settings or campaigns to setup in Donorfy you can use the file uploader to create them.

You need to create a Excel Workbook which contains a Worksheet called Settings

The worksheet needs the following columns

  • Type - this is the type of setting - e.g. product, campaign etc - see the list below
  • Description - this is the description of the setting
  • Active - to indicate whether the setting is active - i.e. in use 

A simple example worksheet is shown below

These are the types that are allowed - see this article for more information

  • ActivityType
  • AddressArea
  • BankAccount
  • Campaign
  • ConnectionType
  • ConstituentType
  • Department
  • Fund
  • PaymentMethod
  • Product
  • Reason
  • Tag
  • Title

One worksheet can contain different types of settings

For some types of setting you may need to provide additional information, to do this you add further columns to the worksheet - for example for products you might want to specify when a product can be gift aided  

These are the additional columns you can add which are specific to particular types of setting

Column Name


Setting types can be used with

AccountsInterfaceCode Alphanumeric code Bank Accounts, Funds, Payment Methods, Products
PotentiallyGiftAidable Acceptable values Yes, No or Blank - blank mens no PaymentMethods, Products
PaymentMethodIsRecurringGift Acceptable values Yes, No or Blank - blank means no  PaymentMethods
ParentTagCategory Must be provided for any tags, and be a valid existing tag category Tags
ReciprocalConnection Valid connection type ConnectionType

For Campaigns you can use the following columns

Column Name


CampaignYear optional, valid year number e.g. 2018
CampaignDefaultProduct a valid product,  if not provided defaults to ‘Donation’
CampaignDefaultFund a valid fund, if not provided defaults to ‘General’

Once you have created your spreadsheet use the Donorfy file uploader in the normal way to upload your settings. 


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