Getting Started with Donorfy - configure, import, integrate


Configure your Donorfy, import your data and then integrate

Welcome to Donorfy!

Donorfy is a powerful and flexible system. You can get up and running quickly but you do need to spend some time to make it right for you.

Whilst you can set up Donorfy on your own without a specialist, we do strongly advise using an authorised Donorfy Partner to assist in this process and provide any training. It will save you time and money in the long run.

Whoever sets up your Donorfy, the articles in this section will help you plot your way through it all in a logical sequence:

  1. It is important to get the configuration of your Donorfy system as you want it...
  2. ... so that you can then import any data from other sources into that structure.
  3. You can then think about enabling online giving tools and other integrations to complete the picture.
  4. Then think about the remaining integrations.

If you need support, the Knowledge Base hosts all of the articles about the working of Donorfy, and if you have a specific question you can log an issue with our support team.

Good luck!


First things first...

You'll need to create a Donorfy account if you have not already done so via this page. There are two options to choose from, Essentials and Professional.

Essentials is the free version, whilst it is packed with lots of features (though not all that are available), there is a constituent number limitation. 

Professional is the feature-rich version that has a comprehensive pricing structure that starts from as little as £59 + VAT per month. 

You can compare the two plans and choose accordingly - we would advise starting with the Professional option so you can explore the Professional specific features first. At the end of the FREE trial, you can opt to place your Professional plan order or switch to the Essentials plan.

Introduction to Donorfy Video

Get acquainted with Donorfy with our introduction to getting set up with Donorfy yourself.

This video covers the following: 

* Introduction

* What is Donorfy?

* The 3 steps to get started

* Getting help during set up

* Getting your team on board

* Next steps


Configure and Customise Donorfy Video

Spend as long as you can do getting this section correct as it will make adding historic and new data easier and will help with providing better insights into your data via reporting tools. 


This video covers:

* Configuring & Customising Donorfy & Tips

* Constituent Types

* Tags & Autotags

* Communication Purposes and GDPR

* Connection Types and Relationships

* Campaigns (Events, Appeals)

* Activity Types

* Financial Coding

* Other areas for customisation 



Import Your Historic Data
Now that the configuration is all done, the next step will be to start populating Donorfy with data. It's advisable to have a good clean-up of your data prior to importing it into Donorfy. By doing this you will find that things not only work better, you will find reporting insights clearer and it may also help to generate extra income via your next Gift Aid claim! 

This video covers:

* Importing Data

* Tips for uploading data

* FAQs



Switching on integrations 
Now that you have imported your historic data, it's time to switch on the integrations that will help your charity or organisation to communicate with your supporters or customers, interact with financial systems, add data from external sources such as fundraising platforms. Exciting! 

This video covers:

* What are the integrations and how do they work?

* Managing Duplicates

* Types of integration to set up

* FAQs




What next?

Well, you can book for an online tutorial where you'll get a full overview of Donorfy and everything that it can do for you, it is a live group session that is run on a monthly basis and is for anyone that is using Donorfy - book online here.

Explore the Knowledge Base, its full of how-to's and documentation about Donorfy, from settings though to API endpoints.

The sections are as follows:

Donorfy Support

Getting Started

Videos and Deep Dives


Your Constituents




Online Donations

Financial data processing

Regular Payments


Managing Data


Works with Donorfy - other integrations

For developers - the API




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