Uploading Soft Credits


This article explains how to upload soft credits using the File Uploader. A soft credit is a link between a transaction, typically a donation, and another constituent in Donorfy.

To create the Soft Credits both the Transaction to establish the link from and the Constituent to link to will need to be identified... 

  • The transaction you want to link from you can use a
    • Transaction Number, or
    • Transaction Reference

  • The constituent you want to link to you can use
    • Constituent Number, or
    • External Key, or 
    • Email address

Performing the Update

To update transactions, you will need to:

Download the Data Preparation Template

This template is available to download within Data Management > File Upload

Prior to downloading the template ensure you refresh it by clicking on Update Template


Prepare the worksheet


  • Find the Soft Credits worksheet, right-click on the tab and create a copy in a new workbook 


  • Enter sufficient information to find both the transaction and constituent that the Soft Credit will apply to

  • You can then enter

Soft Credit Percentage - this is the percentage of the original transaction that the soft credit should be for

Soft Credit Amount - this is the amount of the original transaction that the soft credit should be for - usually you would use either the percentage or the amount, but you can enter both if you want

Soft Credit Comments - any comments relating to the soft credit



Complete, Check and Upload

    • Double-check the data, correct as required, and all columns present are those that are to be updated
    • Once your worksheet is completed, save it as an Excel file (.xlsx) and upload it to Donorfy for checking and applying


Correcting any errors

After you upload a file Donorfy will check it - if there are problems which prevent the data in the file being imported, a message will be displayed. To correct errors please see Fixing Problems in an Uploaded File


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