Uploading Opportunities


You can import Opportunities using Donorfy’s Data Preparation Template. This template is available to download within Data Management > File Upload

Prior to downloading the template ensure you refresh it by clicking on Update Template. 


From within the Data Preparation Template, right-click on the Opportunities tab and create a copy in a new workbook


Or, you can delete the tabs in the Data Preparation Template that you are not going to use, thus leaving just the Opportunities worksheet in this instance.

When uploading Opportunities, you must provide the following

  • A way of linking the opportunity to an existing constituent, such as Constituent Number, Email address or External Key, or provide enough information to add a new constituent with the opportunity
  • A Description of the opportunity
  • A valid Opportunity Type and Associated Stage 


Complete, Check and Upload

    • Double-check the data, correct as required, and all columns present are those that are to be updated
    • Once your worksheet is completed, save it as an Excel file (.xlsx) and upload it to Donorfy for checking and applying


Correcting any errors

After you upload a file Donorfy will check it - if there are problems which prevent the data in the file being imported, a message will be displayed. To correct errors please see Fixing Problems in an Uploaded File


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