Sending Transactions to Xero for reconciliation


You can send your Donorfy financial Transactions to Xero for reconciliation with what appears in your bank account. You must first have connected and configured this feature - please see this article.

To prepare to send Transactions to Xero you need to go to Financial | Xero. The form will display a list of all Transactions that are ready to be sent to Xero. This means they have either not been sent before, or - if you select a date range - are in the range specified. Note that the integration will not select anything prior to the Integration Start Date in Settings | Configuration | Xero Settings, even if the date range in this form is earlier.



When sending transactions to Xero, please ensure that the number of transactions is <2000 per batch being sent.

To send the information to Xero you need to click on the 'Send to Xero' button. This will process in the background and you will receive an email when the process is complete.



Each Transaction creates a Receive Money entry in Xero. If the Transaction has multiple Allocations in Donorfy it will create multiple corresponding detail lines in the Receive Money transaction.

Processing costs / fees

If the Transaction contains Processing Costs that will create an additional negative value detail line in the Receive Money entry in Xero, ensuring that the net amount should match the amount banked.

Inventory items

If you are mapping to Inventory items in Xero, it will only work if the amount of the allocation (e.g. 3 hats totalling £15) is the same as Xero values that item - e.g. £5 per hat. If the values do not match you will see a corresponding error in the History. (If the Donorfy quantity was not specified - e.g. 0 hats for £15 - the integration will assume a quantity of 1).


The reference in the Donorfy Transaction - if present - appears in the Reference of the Receive Money transaction. If not, the Receive Money transaction will contain the Donorfy Transaction number - e.g. #9654:


Gift Aid

As well as the base transactions representing donations etc, there is also an option to send reclaimed Gift Aid to Xero. Gift Aid will generally appear as a bank transaction several weeks after the original donation, and therefore will need to be reconciled separately.

For each Gift Aid transaction sent to Xero, the Receive Money entry created will include a line for each allocation of the original transaction that was eligible for Gift Aid, plus an additional line for any third-party platform fee for Gift Aid processing - e.g. in the case of donations received vie JustGiving.

History tab

This tab shows you Transactions which have previously been sent to Xero.

Viewing the Transaction in Donorfy

When viewing  a Transaction in Donorfy (eg in a constituent timeline) that has been sent to Xero you will see a link at the top left which when clicked takes you to the corresponding Receive Money transaction in Xero (login required).



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