Do you have a custom integration with Mailchimp?


If you have developed your own custom integrations with Mailchimp you need to be aware of how they might interact with Donorfy.

The integration between Donorfy and Mailchimp uses 2 pieces of Mailchimp technology 

  • API - the API is used by Donorfy to send data to Mailchimp when you synchronise a list
  • Webhooks - these send data from Mailchimp to Donorfy in response to changes to your Mailchimp list or audience - e.g. in response to subscribes, unsubscribes etc

Importantly when you configure your Mailchimp webhook you must not tick the option to fire webhooks in response to update made via the API - see screenshot below - otherwise, when Donorfy updates Mailchimp via the API those changes would be sent back to Donorfy as a webhook which could start a continuous cycle of API updates and webhooks.

The effect of this is that if your custom integration added a new subscriber to your Mailchimp audience (list) via the API, the webhook would not fire and so the new subscriber would not be added as a constituent in Donorfy.

Important the Mailchimp signup form is not affected by this - if someone signs up to your Mailchimp audience (list) via the Mailchimp signup form the webhooks will fire so they will be added to Donorfy.

If you want your custom integration to add new subscribers to Donorfy as well as Mailchimp you can do one of the following

  • Change your custom integration to add the new subscriber to both Mailchimp and Donorfy - you would use the Donorfy API for the add to Donorfy
  • Instead of adding the subscriber to Mailchimp immediately add them to Donorfy using the Donorfy API and then when you sync your Donorfy list to Mailchimp make sure the list includes the new subscribers so they are added to Mailchimp
  • If the number of new subscribers is small download a CSV file of new subscribers from Mailchimp add the new subscribers to Donorfy via the file uploader 

The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Mailchimp - enrol here


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