Changes to Donorfy Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice

In line with GDPR we have made some changes to the Donorfy Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice, with effect from 9th April. Essentially, the changes are:

 - expansion in section 11 of the T&Cs of Donorfy's role and obligations as your Data Processor under GDPR. These changes are based on the ICO guidance for data processors' obligations to data controllers.

 - updates to the Privacy Notice regarding what we do with our customer data. Please note that's the data we hold about you, not your constituents

If you have any questions about these changes please contact us via the contact form. Your continued use of Donorfy service constitutes acceptance of these documents.

If you or someone in your organisation hasn't done so you will need to ensure that your own organisation's Privacy Notice explains that your constituents' personal data is being processed by (among others) Donorfy, and that this data is held within the EEA.

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