Register to use Donorfy Support


To be able to contact Donorfy Support and benefit from extras such as reviewing past support requests, following up on support requests and commenting or voting on Knowledge Base articles you will need to register. To do this you will need to

Click on the Sign In option at the top right of the main Knowledge Base page


A Sign in to Donorfy box will pop up


Click on one of the following options:

  • New to Donorfy? Sign up


Enter your name and your email address.

Verify that you are not a robot

And click on the Sign up button


  • Have you emailed us? Get a password

If you have sent an email to Donorfy Support previously, then you can request a password reset to be emailed to you to so that you can create a new password.


Enter in your email address and click on Submit


The support desk will automatically send you an email similar to the one below, though depending on which option you chose the content may vary slightly.



Follow the instructions and the link and choose your secret password.

Once you have completed the process you will have created your account with Donorfy Support. You are now set to use and comment on Knowledge Base articles and send in support tickets. 

Find out how to review and see the status any support requests you have here: How to review and check the status of Support Requests


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