Adding a Gift Aid Declaration


Donorfy allows you to record a Gift Aid Declaration on a constituent's Timeline and for a document to be attached. 

To add a new Gift Aid Declaration to a constituent's Timeline follow the steps below:


Add a Gift Aid Declaration from the main Add button

From within the constituent's profile that you want to add the Declaration to...

Click on the orange Add button at the top of Donorfy



From the Timeline section, select Gift Aid Declaration



Check the constituent is the correct one, if not click on Change Constituent and find the correct Cosntituenty profile.

Complete the Declaration details as follows:

  • Check / Enter in details for the Tax Payer Title, First Name and Last Name - these are required fields for the HMRC
  • Select a Campaign - optional
  • Select the Declaration Date - date as signed
  • Select the Declaration Method from the dropdown list - these are configured here: Gift Aid Declaration Methods
  • Set the Declaration Start Date
  • Set the Declaration End Date - system added well, well into the future. This can be altered if required.
  • If the declaration requires confirming please, see Confirming Gift Aid Declarations
  • Click on Save Changes


This will save the Gift Aid Declaration to the Timeline


To add a document - see adding a document section below


Add a  Gift Aid Declaration from within a constituent's Timeline

Click on the orange Add button from within the constituent's Timeline and Select the Gift Aid Declaration option




Complete the Gift Aid Declaration details as per the above section (Add a Gift Aid Declaration from the main Add button - Complete the Declaration details as follows:). Once saved you can add a document as per the below section (Add a Document to the Gift Aid Declaration Timeline entry).


Add a Document to the Gift Aid Declaration Timeline entry

Filter the constituent's Timeline by clicking on the filter option for Gift Aid Declaration on the left of the Timeline or scroll down the Timeline until you locate the entry.


Click on the Gift Aid Declaration link 

Timeline Entry  Gift Aid Declaration Filtered
mceclip5.png mceclip6.png

Click on the grey upload box and locate the document (Gift Aid Declaration) that you would like to add


Or drag and drop your document into the grey area. 

Your document will then be uploaded


Click on Save Changes



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