The Constituent Profile

There are two types of constituent profiles within Donorfy - Individuals and Groups (Organisations/Companies/Trusts), the view of each type is shown below:

Depending on the settings your Administrator has applied to your user account may result in slightly different view each of the profiles. You can also move panels around to make it more suitable for you.



The numbered labels on the image are related to the explanations below:

1. Profile Header

This area hosts a summary view of the constituent:

  • The constituent's Constituent Type, Name, Constituent Number, Contact details, and the date the profile was created. This section is not editable as is dependant on section 4.
  • Alerts (orange speech bubble)
  • Engagement score (star rating)

  • Manage button - allows you to Change the Constituent Type, Archive, Merge or Delete the constituent, and add Prospect Research information


2. Donation and Gift Aid claim summary

This provides a quick summary of their donation giving including, average gift, number of gifts, given this year, tax claimed this year, the first gift.


Both the profile and donation summary sections can be minimalised by clicking on the Less arrow button just under the summary section.



3. Additional Constituent Details

This area hosts the constituent's personal details such as name, addresses, email (also contains a link to MailChimp if MailChimp is activated) and phone numbers, their contact preferences, Tags that have been applied to their record, any social account details (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) and any Fundraising Pages that are associated with them. 

When activated, this area will also host Prospect Research information. 


4. Connections

This section is split into two parts - Connections and Other Connections

Connections - these are direct connections such as Spouse, Company, Friends, etc

Other Connections - these are system originated connections from areas such as Soft Credits, address links, connections in activities and transactions, etc.





The profile make up is almost the same as an individual's, however there are some differences. The main differences between the two profiles are:

A. Constituent Type icon is now a group icon and the type is not Individual

B. The Details section is now group related, featuring the organisation name and the main contact (where assigned) and registration number.

C. The addresses are now limited to two - Work and Other

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