Navigating around Donorfy


All of the main navigation in Donorfy is done from the menu bar to the left of Donorfy. Depending on your user level setting that has been given you by your Administrator, it will look like this:

The view below is based on am Administrator view:



To open each area, click on the plus symbol. This will reveal a sub-menu



To jump into the section you need, just click on the link and it will open in the main screen.


On the top bar of Donorfy, you will find 2 orange buttons - these are as follows


Add - Opens up a selection of items that you can add to Donorfy:

  • Constituents - add a new constituent. These are your available Constituent Types
  • Lists - create a new List
  • Fundraising - Add a new Campaign or Opportunity
  • Timeline - add a Timeline entry such as an Activity, Gift Aid Declaration, Transaction, etc. You do not need to be on the constituent profile who will receive the Timeline entry, you can add the constituent in when creating the entry.


Recent - bring up a list of Constituents that you recently visited. You can click on the Constituent from this list and it will open up the profile.


To the right of the top bar, you will the quick search bar along with a Profile button containing your initials.


Clicking on the button gives access to

  • your profile details, including resetting your password and enable two-factor authentication
  • your task list
  • the Donorfy Support page
  • the ability to Sign Out of Donorfy




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