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Donorfy Forms is a flexible and powerful feature enabling you to create a variety of web-based forms that insert data directly into your Donorfy.

Forms are hosted by Donorfy and don't require any website programming knowledge to create! 

Once your Form is created it can be used as a: 

  • Standalone Form - with this option, the form is displayed surrounded by a header, footer and side-bars that you can design - appearing as if it were your own website. 
    Examples of this type of usage could be a button on your website or a link in an email.

  • Embedded Form in a page in your website in an iframe - the person completing the form stays on your website when completing the form. 


Examples of Forms that you might want to create are:

  • Donations - allow people to make a one-off or recurring donation by payment card or direct debit
  • Memberships - allowing people to subscribe to a membership programme you offer
  • Gift Aid Sign up - allow people to make a Gift Aid declaration 
  • Contact form - this might find/add a constituent, add an activity and create a task for follow-up
  • Volunteer Application - this might find/add a constituent, add an activity and tag
  • Surveys - a simple survey might contain answers to questions in an activity



A Donorfy Form is made up of different elements - these are the building blocks of your Form and are each configurable and moveable within your template. Elements include:

  • Contact Details (individuals and organisations)
  • Contact Preferences
  • Tags
  • Activities
  • Donation
  • Membership
  • Gift Aid
  • Typed Content


Taking Payments

Is a doddle with Donorfy Forms. Not only do Forms use trusted payment providers, they are also secure. 

  • Stripe card payments
  • ApplePay
  • GooglePay and Microsoft Pay
  • PayPal
  • GoCardless Direct Debits



Form usage is tracked within Donorfy via UTM codes and can also be tracked within your Google Analytics dashboard.

See the following articles for further details: 



To use the Forms feature you must either be an Administrator or a Standard user with permission to access Forms.

The Forms feature is available for all Donorfy users as below:

  • Donorfy Essentials and Starter - up to 3 forms
  • Donorfy Professional and Enterprise - unlimited forms


Going Deeper Guides



Payment Options

Testing, Security and Form submissions

Elements of Forms Stripe Forms Security
Creating and Editing Forms GoCardless Testing your Form
Standalone Forms ApplePay Form Submissions
Embedded Forms Google Pay and Microsoft Pay UTM Tracking
Branding PayPal Google Analytics


Quick Start Guides - coming soon

  • Donations
  • Contact Form
  • Gift Aid Form
  • Membership Form



The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Donation Forms - enrol here



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