Adding a Constituent Tag


Firstly you need to set up the tags - this article explains how to set up tags - you need to make sure your Tag Category can be applied to Constituents - see screenshot below:



Depending on how your Constituent Types are set up, you may need to assign your Tag Category to them - see this article.

Once your tag categories and tags are all set up, along with any extra fields, you can start adding them to constituent records as follows:


On the constituent profile, locate the Tags panel:


Find the relevant Tag category and click into it. 

A drop-down list will appear of the tags associated with the category


Select the tag that you want and click on it. This will add it to the category within the panel.

Repeat this for all the tags you want to add. 

If there are any additional details you want to add to the extra fields, double click on the tag to open the fields: 


The standard fields are explained here: Tags - overview

Any extra fields you may have set up will appear within this box also.


Tags can also be added in the following ways:


To delete a tag, click the little cross icon ion the top right of the tag you want to delete.



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