Updating Channels & Purposes with the File Uploader


You can use the File Uploader to update Channel and Purpose permissions for existing Constituents. Below are the steps you need to follow.



Please note that this type of file upload cannot be undone. Please ensure that the data that is to be uploaded is correct before uploading to your Donorfy.


Download the data preparation template and find the Channel and Purposes worksheet - right click on the tab and from the pop-up menu choose Move or Copy, then choose to make a copy in a new book - make sure the new worksheet has the name 'Channels & Purposes'


In the worksheet in the new Excel workbook you then need to make the following entries, note you can remove any columns you do not need

  • Make entries into one of the Constituent Number, Email Address, Phone Number or External Key columns to allow Donorfy to identify the constituent to update  - see this article for more information about how Donorfy will identify the constituent, see the section 'Use a data import file to extract a constituent number' below if your constituents are newly added and you do not have their Constituent Number.
  • The Block_Email, Block_Mail, Block_Phone, Block_SMS columns allow you either block or allow contact by each channel - enter
    • Yes to block the communication channel,
    • No to allow the communication channel,
    • If the cell is left empty any existing setting of the channel will be left unchanged
  • The AllowPurpose_ columns should be used as follows, enter
    • Yes to allow a purpose,
    • No to disallow a purpose. 
    • If the cell is left empty or the column is removed from the worksheet then the purpose will be left unchanged
  • Preferred Channel - this allows you to update a constituent's preferred communication channel. The constituent must have contact details that work with the preferred channel - e.g. if the preferred channel is Email then the constituent must have an active email address. The preferred channel column can contain one of the following
    • Mail - preferred channel will be set to mailing address
    • Email - preferred channel will be set to email
    • Phone -  preferred channel will be set to phone
    • Do not contact - preferred channel will be set to 'Do not contact'
    • If the cell is left empty or the column is removed from the worksheet then the preferred channel will be left unchanged
  • These columns contain optional data will be used for history items generated in the preference centre
    • Consent Date - date associated with the update 
    • Consent Statement - a valid consent statement from your settings
    • Reason - a valid reason from your settings
    • Campaign - a valid campaign

 Please note

This is using a work sheet supplied in the Donorfy Upload Template - this will update existing constituents with Channel & Purpose settings - it will not upload tags - to upload tags follow the instructions within this article  This does not use a template but a simple excel workbook file 



Use a data import file to extract a constituent number


Use the Individuals file upload template to obtain the constituent number, then add that to the Channels & Purposes template...

Upload your source constituent data file as an individual constituents upload. Then, when the option to apply changes appears, click on Download instead - DO NOT APPLY CHANGES. 


Once downloaded, open the file.

You will see the Status column will have constituent numbers that it says it has found.


​Insert a new column in between Status and Action 

Then paste the following formula into cell B2

 =SUMPRODUCT(MID(0&A2, LARGE(INDEX(ISNUMBER(--MID(A2, ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(A2))), 1)) * ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(A2))), 0), ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(A2))))+1, 1) * 10^ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(A2)))/10)

 It will then show as follows:


​* Cell B2 shows the Constituent Number

Copy the formula down for the entire data set

Copy column B and Paste as Values back into situ i.e Column B – this basically is just pasting the number back and not the underlying formula.

 Delete columns A, C – CT

 The remaining columns will be the Channels, Purposes, and Tags


Delete any purpose columns that are not required.

Delete all the columns that are tags

Rename the Individual Constituents tab to Channels & Purposes​



You can now Save As

Then upload to the file uploader.



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