Uploading Tags with Extra Fields


You can use the file uploader to add tags to existing constituents and optional include data to store in any extra fields set up for your tags - these are the steps you need to follow.

Download the data preparation template and find the Tags with Extra Fields worksheet - right click on the tab and from the popup menu choose Move or Copy, then choose to make a copy in a new book.


In the worksheet in the new Excel workbook you then need to make the following entries note you can remove any columns you do not need

  • Make entries into one of the Constituent Number, Email Address, Phone Number or External Key columns to allow Donorfy to identify the constituent to add the tags to  - see this article for more information about how Donorfy will identify the constituent
  • Use the tag category and tag columns to identify which tag you want to add
  • You can then optionally enter values for the remaining columns - i.e. start date etc

Save your Excel workbook then drop into the file upload area under Data Management | File Upload - the file will be checked and if ok you can apply it 

Note - you cannot undo tags add via the file uploader


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