Constituent Tags


When you are adding a constituent or adding timeline items - e.g. transactions - you can add active or excluded tags to constituents by passing details using the ActiveTags & ExcludedTags properties - the ActiveTags contains details of tags you want to add, the ExcludedTags are tags that should be added in an excluded state - e.g. for opting out of something.

The tag you want to add is identified by the tag category & the tag name with an underscore between the tag category and the tag name - for example, if you wanted to add a tag called Newsletter in the Mailings category you would add Mailings_Newsletter into ActiveTags property. If you include multiple tags then separate them with a comma - e.g. Mailings_Appeals,Mailings_Newsletter

This is how an AddActiveTags request would look in Postman - the tag category and description are included in the body of the post request.

To work with tags for existing constituents you can

  • Get all active tags  by calling<your api key>/constituents/<id>/ActiveTags 
  • Get all excluded tags  by calling<your api key>/constituents/<id>/ExcludedTags 
  • To add an active tag<your api key>/constituents/<id>/AddActiveTags 
  • To add an excluded tag<your api key>/constituents/<id>/AddExcludedTags 

Note if you add an active or excluded tag and the constituent already had that tag as an excluded or active tag then the existing tag is automatically removed before the new tag is added.

When using the methods above you pass in a list of tags prefixed with the tag category as described above

To remove a tag you can use<your api key>/constituents/<id>/RemoveTag - passing in one tag description prefixed with its category 


The Donorfy API is a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


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