Including a Preference Update Link in an Email


This feature is only available with the Donorfy Professional plan

You can include a link in emails you send to your constituents directly from their Timeline in Donorfy which can be clicked on to allow people to update their contact details and other preferences - note that the links 

  • Are valid for 7 days
  • Can only be used once

You must set up the information needed by the self-service widget for the links to work - to do this see this article and complete the first two steps in that article - i.e. 

  • Choose which Purposes to Display on the Preference Update Form
  • Customise the Wording used with the Preference Update Widget and the Email

This is how to include the preference link in a document 

  • Go into Settings > Configuration and find Acknowledgements and Documents - either add a new document or open an existing one
  • Enter the text and placeholders you want in your document
  • In the place in the document where you want to include the link to update details press the link button on the toolbar - see below

  • In the window that pops up 
    • Enter the text you want to appear in your document into Display Text
    • Make sure the Protocol is <other>
    • Enter {PreferenceUpdateLink} into the URL

When you press OK the display text - e.g. Link - will be added to your document as a hyperlink - e.g.


The document can be sent directly from the Constituent's Timeline as described in this article. Please note that this feature does not work with automated acknowledgements or emails from Triggers. 


The Update Preferences Widget will allow a supporter to update the following details:


  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Channels 
  • Purposes (the ones you choose to display)
  • Preferred contact method


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