Online Fundraising is the payments solution for the various payment methods in Denmark - these include:

  • Betalingsservice (formerly known as PBS), which is a kind of direct debit solution provided by NETS for recurring payments
  • MobilePay
    • one-off payments
    • subscriptions for recurring payments
  • Payment cards (debit and credit cards)
  • SMS payments




The Online Fundraising integration is a Professional-only feature. Danish Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


Other requirements: the integration only applies to Online Fundraising version 4 and later. Prior versions cannot be integrated.



When integrated, the roles of the systems are as follows:

  • Online Fundraising is the primary collection point for contacts (donors/members) and processes their payments - one-off and recurring. It only knows about contacts and their payments, so it is not the 360-degree CRM.
  • Donorfy is the CRM solution - it needs to know who the donors /members are, and how much they pay (which is part of their overall profile in the CRM) but Donorfy does not initiate or process the collection of the money.



The integration is primarily in one direction - from Online Fundraising to Donorfy (with some minor exceptions).


Main concepts in Online Fundraising and how they map to Donorfy


Online Fundraising includes a Form builder, allowing you to embed forms in your website to enable donors / members to make their payments.


Contacts in Online Fundraising are the equivalent of Constituents in Donorfy.

Agreements and Subscriptions

The combination of an agreement and a subscription is the equivalent of a Recurring Payment Instruction in Donorfy.


Payments in Online Fundraising are the equivalent of Transactions in Donorfy.


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