How the integration works


First, please make sure that you have followed the instructions in the Getting Started guide.

When the integration has been set up, OnlineFundraising populates Donorfy with constituents, Transactions and Recurring Payment instructions in (more or less) real time. How? OF sends webhooks to your Donorfy every time a form is completed. Webhooks contain the information from the form. Donorfy is constantly listening for webhooks, and when it receives one it unpacks the information and populates Donorfy with it.


Forms are built using the OF form building tool (see their documentation for guidance on this). Make sure the Form is also configured so that it provides all the information required to populate Donorfy correctly - this article explains how to do that.

 Example OF form for a recurring payment:


Example OF form for a one-off payment:


Contacts - Constituents

Any payment - whether single or recurring - needs to belong to a contact - the member / donor. The contact (OF) relates to a constituent in Donorfy.

OF does not attempt to find a matching contact (it's not a CRM remember). So it creates a new one each time a form is submitted. However, when Donorfy receives the webhook it attempts to find an existing constituent. If a constituent is found with a confidence score of 13 or over (eg same CPR number - see the table in this document for the full matching criteria and scores). Donorfy will add the payment to the constituent found, and the two OF contacts will be merged in order to preserve a 1-to-1 relationship between the Donorfy constituent and the OF contact.

When viewing a constituent in Donorfy, you can click through to the corresponding Contact in OF:


Updating constituent contact details in Donorfy

The integration mostly flows one way, from OF to Donorfy. But, when you change the contact details of a constituent in Donorfy the corresponding contact (if linked) will also be updated in OF. This is to allow CRM users to update address / phone / email etc in one place.

Agreements and subscriptions - RPIs

Recurring Payment Instructions (RPIs) are created in Donorfy as a result of someone subscribing - for example as a recurring donor or a member - via an OF Form.

The RPIs created in this way are effectively read-only - you can't change them in Donorfy. Any changes need to be made in OF, and the integration will update them in the corresponding RPI in Donorfy.

You easily can click-through click through to the corresponding Subscription / Agreement in OF by clicking the mceclip4.png button on the top right of the RPI.


Add-ons - upgrades to existing RPIs

When upgrading an existing recurring donation / membership to a higher amount, OF creates an Add-on to the subscription. This results in an Upgrade to the RPI in Donorfy. This creates a second Payment in the RPI in the same way that Upgrades via the Manage menu do (this menu is disabled for OF-linked RPIs though as all updates come via OF), with the corresponding upgrade Campaign as defined in the OF form.

Payments - Transactions

When payments are successfully collected ("charged" in OF terms) - either from a recurring subscription or a one-off - this creates a Transaction on the timeline of the corresponding constituent in Donorfy.

The Transaction is coded with Product, Fund etc in the following order:

  • if the transaction is recurring it will use the coding from the RPI (which will have inherited its coding from the original form from which it was created).
  • if it's a single payment it will come from the form
  • if not specified on the form, the campaign and other coding will come from the Transaction Defaults in Donorfy Settings | Configuration.

If a payment collection was unsuccessful, the integration adds an Activity to the constituent timeline with information about the failed payment.





The Online Fundraising integration is a Professional-only feature. Danish Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


Other requirements: the integration only applies to Online Fundraising version 4 and later. Prior versions cannot be integrated.



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