Gift Aid claim status shows as Claimed, but HMRC has rejected it


The gift Aid claim status shows as Claimed, but HMRC has rejected it...

Unfortunately, as the claim is still showing as Claimed, Donorfy has not received a rejection notice via the HMRC portal, so from Donorfy's side, it still looks like your claim was successful. 

The claim will need to be re-submitted to the HMRC external of Donorfy via your organisation's HMRC online portal access - using a manually completed ch51 schedule (please check with the HMRC for the correct form for your organisation).


The Gift Aid ch51 schedule can only take 1000 data lines at a time, so you may need to split your claim across multiple schedules. 

To download the data, it can be done directly from the Gift Aid claim in Donorfy as follows:

Open Financial > Gift Aid
Click on Previous Claims
Select the claim from the drop-down box
Click on the download option (cloud icon on the grey/black action bar) 
This will provide you with the details of all of the donations within the claim.




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The automated Gift Aid Claims process is available with Starter, Professional and Enterprise plans. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


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