Form Submissions, Statistics and History

Form Submission

When a form is submitted we will check that it looks like a legitimate form submission - see Form Security for more info - legitimate submissions will then be processed. 

We will use the details on the form to try and link the form to an existing constituent - this uses the same approach that we use for duplicate checking see 'How the checks are run' in this article for more information about how we match - we will 

  • link the form to the best matching existing constituent where we find one or more constituents with a matching score of 13 or higher
  • add a constituent and link the form to it where we do find any matches scoring 13 or higher 

Form Statistics

For any given form in the list of forms (see Forms | Manage Forms), you can view its statistics. Just choose the information you want to see by choosing the columns via the column selector button. 


These are the statistics that can be shown:

  • Display Count - this is number of times the form has been displayed 
  • Submitted Count - the number of times the form has been submitted 
  • Submitted percentage - the percentage of forms displayed that went on to be submitted
  • First and Last Submitted - the dates the form was first and last submitted
  • Spam Count - this is the number of forms which have been blocked for being malicious or spam submissions
  • Error Count - the number of forms that encountered errors when they were processed

Form History

Form History list (i.e. Forms | History) lists all forms that have been submitted. You can filter the list by form title, campaign, and status. Once a form has been processed you can link to the constituent associated with the form.

If you have a lot of form history you can download it as a CSV file to analyse it - e.g. in Excel

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