Form Submissions, Statistics and History


Form Submission

When a form is submitted we will check that it looks like a legitimate form submission - see Form Security for more info - legitimate submissions will then be processed. 

We will use the details on the form to try and link the form to an existing constituent - this uses the same approach that we use for duplicate checking see 'How the checks are run' in this article for more information about how we match - we will 

  • link the form to the best matching existing constituent where we find one or more constituents with a matching score of 13 or higher
  • add a constituent and link the form to it where we do find any matches scoring 13 or higher 

Form Statistics & Analytics

For any given form in the list of forms (see Forms | Manage Forms), you can view submission statistics - choose the information you want to see by choosing the columns via the column selector button. 


These are the statistics that can be shown:

  • Display Count - this is number of times the form has been displayed 
  • Submitted Count - the number of times the form has been submitted 
  • Submitted percentage - the percentage of forms displayed that went on to be submitted
  • First and Last Submitted - the dates the form was first and last submitted
  • Spam Count - this is the number of forms which have been blocked for being malicious or spam submissions
  • Error Count - the number of forms that encountered errors when they were processed

When you open the form itself you can click on the Analytics tab - this will show more details about the forms that have been displayed and submitted - the data shown is dependent upon the elements you have on your form.


Form History

Form History list (i.e. Forms > History) lists all forms that have been submitted - a constituent has completed and submitted the Form.

Transactions made from a Donorfy Form are recorded within Forms > History and not Financial > Online Donations > History. However, a note or the completion and any associated error message can be found under Financial > Online Donations > Errors & Info

You can filter the list by form title, campaign, and status. Once a form has been processed you can link to the constituent associated with the form.

If you have a lot of form history you can download it as a CSV file to analyse it - e.g. in Excel



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