Bulk Deletion of Constituents


Please Note - Once deleted these Constituents cannot be restored


The Bulk Delete option under Data Management can be used to removed archived constituents from your Donorfy, you 

  • must be an administrator to access the bulk delete option
  • can archive constituents en-mass using a list if required - see this


  • When constituents are deleted all data associated with them is also permanently deleted - including financial transactions, gift aid declarations and so on - so check you do not need to keep this data for audit purposes and so on
  • You cannot bulk delete more than 1000 constituents at a time.

These are the steps for bulk deleting constituents

  • Choose the archive reason which you would like to delete and date for archived on or before


  • Press Preview Delete - Donorfy will display a total of constituents that will be deleted based on the reason and date you have entered


  • If you want to proceed with the bulk delete type in the word Delete followed by the number of constituents that will be deleted into the box - e.g. if the bulk delete will delete 3 constituents type 'Delete 3' 
  • Press the Delete Constituents button - the deletion will be queued up - we will send you an email when it has run

A history is displayed of previous bulk deletes that have been run




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