Unable to sign in as an Administrator


This article explains how you can sign into your Donorfy system as an admin in the case where the only person with Administrator rights in your organisation has left without appointing another Administrator or has forgotten his/her password.


If you have access to your previous Administrator’s email

Go to the Donorfy sign-in page and click on the forgot password link to reset their password. An email will be sent to their email address to begin the process of resetting the password.

Once the password for the user account has been changed, you will then be able to access Donorfy.

You can then either:


Request a new Administrator user name and password or adjustment of current User Permissions

If you do not have access to the previous Administrator's email account that was used in conjunction with their Donorfy user account, then a formal request for a new Administrator Account will be required.

In order to preserve the security of your database, we require a letter on your organisation's letterhead with the request from a senior management level member of staff (for example, your CEO, Director, or Head of Fundraising) or a current Trustee.

The letter must contain:

  • The current or new user name (i.e. email address) that you are requesting to be an Administrator
  • The senior manager's or Trustee's signature, name, title, email address, and phone number

Print, scan and send the letter as an attachment in an email to support@donorfy.com The email must come from the senior manager's or Trustee's email account.


How your request will be processed

Once the letter has been received, we will verify the details of the request. Once we are satisfied, we will make the requested change and notify you by email.

Please Note:

Once this process has been completed, it is recommended as a best practice to ensure to have more than one Administrator at any given time so that disruptions in service are avoided.

It is also best practice to regularly review user accounts and permissions to ensure that only those who require access to Donorfy have access to Donorfy. Any Users who have left or were added as part of a temporary project should have their accounts either removed or disabled.



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