Dashboards Overview


Dashboards visually represent what is happening within your Donorfy—from donations being added to the number of new enquiries to how your most recent appeal is performing and much, much more!

Aside from Donorfy's standard dashboards, Donorfy's visualisation brings the flexibility of Lists to Dashboards, allowing you to hone in on what matters most to you, your team, and your organisation.

Dashboards are configurable, allowing you to be creative with the data you add, how the tiles appear, and who you share it with (not all features are available to Essentials plan or Starter plan users).

Once tooled up with your knowledge of Dashboards, we have some examples of visualisations that you may find super useful and inspirational for your Dashboards sets.  

In Donorfy, and depending on the type of Donorfy plan that you have, there are two types of Dashboards - Classic (Dashboard) and Custom (Dashboards new),  these are described below:

Dashboard (Classic)

Classic Dashboards are available to all Donorfy plans and will account for those Transactions that have been set to be included in the Giving Summary Stats and use the Accounting Date from a Transaction and are located in the Home area of your Donorfy, under the Dashboard tab:


Access to Classic Dashboards

Essentials and Starter Plans Professional and Enterprise Plans

All users will see the pre-set Dashboard tiles outlined below:

  • Gift Income this week
  • Gift Income this month
  • Gift Income this year
    (as per your Donorfy reporting year start date Settings > Account > Donorfy Settings)
  • Gift Aid ready to claim
  • Donor pyramid
  • Gift income this year vs last year
    (as per your Donorfy reporting year start date Settings > Account > Donorfy Settings)

The Dashboards update overnight, so any Transactions with an Accounting Date of today will only be reflected in tomorrow's analysis. 



Managing your Dashboard Tiles


Changing the Layout of your Dashboard Collapsing/minimise Dashboard Tiles Dashboard Tiles (Professional and Enterprise Plans only)

You can move tiles around the Dashboard by clicking and holding down the mouse button on the tile you would like to move, this will then allow you to drag the tile to your desired position. Places you can drop the tile are shown as a grey box as shown below:

Dashboard (classic) tile moving.gif


Any changes you make to the layout are specific to the computer or device you are using - this allows you to optimise the layout e.g. if you are using a tablet.



Dashboards (New)

Dashboards new allows you to build your own Dashboards by selecting from Lists visualisations that have been set for use as a dashboard tile. The standard tiles that were previously in the Classic Dashboards are also available to select. 


Essentials and Starter plans

Essential and Starter plans do not have access to custom Dashboards. If you would like custom Dashboards, please contact us (here) about upgrading.  

Professional and Enterprise plans

Access to and visibility to the Dashboard are described below based on the User Permission type within Donorfy. 

Access to Dashboards Access to Create Dashboard Tile Content Sharing Dashboards Creating your Dashboard Tile Content Creating or editing a Dashboard Selecting Dashboard to view

The Dashboards tab will be visible to all users on your Donorfy at all times. However. the functionality of the dashboard tab and the dashboard/s it contains are affected by Donorfy User Permissions as outlined below:


  • Donorfy Administrator
    This user type can Add, Edit and View all dashboards created by any user of the system. 
    They can take ownership of, restrict access to and change the contents of any dashboard irrespective of whether they originally created it or not.
  • Donorfy Standard User
    This user type can Add and Edit dashboards of their own creation.
    They can grant other users access to their own dashboards, but they cannot view or edit other dashboards to which they have not been given access. Likewise, they may edit and/or view any dashboard they have been granted access to.
  • Donorfy Viewer User
    This user type may only view dashboards that they have been given access to.
    A viewer user cannot be made an Editor or Owner of a dashboard by another user.




The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Dashboards - enrol here






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