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My Lists are not showing all Lists

If you find that the number of Lists being displayed to you is not what was expected - i.e it's only showing Constituent Lists or Activity Lists, then you will need to de-select the List Types that were previously chosen to display or there are List Tags selected.

To do this, Open Lists

On the left of the Lists are two options - List Tags and List Types - If you deselect the options that are ticked or have been entered you will find that the List of Lists will alter to show all Lists that you have access to.




If this does not resolve the matter, then your cache may be full - see Screen not Displayed Properly


How do I show a summary total in my Transaction List?

Whilst it is not possible to perform a summary of financial totals and display it directly within the List, you can instead create a report which, if you opt for the option 'show totals' the report will then print this for you - see Creating a Report from a List


Can I report on one List in another List?

Not directly no. You would need to apply a Tag to all constituents in one of your Lists and then use that Tag as a filter option in your other list. For deeper analysis or finding the duplicates etc, these types of functions would need to be done within Excel.


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