Pause an RPI


You may need to pause an RPI for one or more reasons, such as a supporter is between jobs and can't afford a regular monthly payment currently.

Pausing is quick and easy, and all completed from within the RPI itself as follows:

  • On the constituent's Timeline, open the RPI
  • Click on the orange Manage button


  • Next, click on the Pause option for the pause details 
  • Complete the details being requested:

    Reason - these are as per the Reasons for cancel, lapse etc.
    From Date - The first day of the pause

    To Date - the Last day of the pause (end of day)

  • Click Pause Instruction


You will then see that the RPI is paused as follows:


Within the header of the RPI

Timeline RPI description

An Activity added


  • It is advisable to add an Activity to the timeline with a Task assigned, for the close of the pause period. This will then send a Task notification to the assigned user so that the RPI can be resumed (see below - un-pausing an RPI)


Un-Pausing an RPI

At the close of the pause period or if a supporter would like to un-pause their RPI, this can be done by clicking the Resume button within the RPI. The next payment will be billed for the current month. 




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