New MailChimp integration coming soon

Heads up for a new MailChimp integration coming soon. The new integration will include these features:

  • on-demand update from a Donorfy List to a MailChimp List, with full visibility of what will be affected
  • mapping from Tags and Purposes in Donorfy to Groups in your MailChimp List - which will enable you to segment your email campaigns in MailChimp based on info you have in Donorfy
  • Info panel in the constituent form showing the Lists that someone appears on in MailChimp
  • Linking of MailChimp Campains to Donorfy Campaigns
  • Visibility of MailChimp campaign activity (sends, opens, clicks etc) in Constituent Timeline
  • Subscribes in MailChimp will still populate Donorfy

These new features will be rolled out and announced in the coming months. Meanwhile the existing integration tools will remain unaffected.

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