Connecting an Eventbrite event to a Donorfy Campaign


You can connect Eventbrite events to Donorfy Campaigns so that mappings can be set up specifically for this event, as opposed to using the default mappings in Donorfy's Eventbrite integration settings.

To connect an Eventbrite event to a Donorfy Campaign:

  1. Ensure you have linked your Eventbrite account to your Donorfy account - see here for instructions.
  2. Create your event in Eventbrite
  3. Create the corresponding campaign for the event in Donorfy
  4. In the Donorfy campaign, select the Eventbrite tab
  5. Select the event from the dropdown box. If you have linked Eventbrite to Donorfy you will see all of your events in the dropdown.
  6. Complete the Activity, Mappings and Transaction sections.
  7. Click Save.

These changes apply to all new registrations - Donorfy data from old registrations to that event will not be changed.


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Eventbrite - enrol here


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