Forms Troubleshooting

An error message appeared on screen when I tried to view the Form online


This could be due to one of the reasons below.

To see which one the error message is referring to there is a number shown in the bottom right (as highlighted by the box in the image above), this is an error code and is as follows:

Error Code (1) - The IP address the form was requested from is blocked

It may be that the page was requested to load numerous times in quick succession and was temporarily blocked. Please wait a while (10-15 mins) and re-try to load the Form. 

Or the IP address may have been permanently blocked. Check your security tab within the Forms navigation section (Forms > Security)- see if the IP address that was requesting the form has been added as a blocked IP address and unblock the rule by deleting the entry. 


To unblock and allow your IP address so that this does not occur again in the future, you can add the IP address to the Security tab as an 'allowed' IP address.  See - Form Security


Error Code (2) - The form requested could not be found

Is the URL being used correctly? - Check the URL, correct, and retry.

Has the from been deleted? - Check the Forms in Donorfy to see if the Form is displayed within the list. If not, the Form will need to be recreated and published. The new URL will need to be used as the previous URL is no longer.


Error Code (3) - Form is not active 

Check that your Form is set as Active. Open Forms > Manage Forms and check your Form from the List of Forms. If the Form is not Active, open the Form and set as Active.




My Purposes are not displaying on the Form

This will be because they have not been selected for public view.

Within your Purpose settings (Settings > Configuration > Purposes), there is an option to include the Purpose on the Preference Update Form - if you toggle this to Yes and give it a description it will then display on the Preference Update Form and also on the Purposes selection for Forms communication options. 




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