Importing the Multi-Day Transaction file from Facebook


Exporting the data from Facebook

Donation and Fundraiser / Button information appears in Donorfy as a result of you uploading the information that you must first export from Facebook, using the Multi-day Transaction Report, which you can find in the Settings > Donations area of your Page (you will need to be a page Admin to do this).

Select the date range and the report to an email address in your organisation.


Why do we use export / import? It is necessary to export and import a file because Facebook do not have an API for this information.

It is important the you do not open or rename the file before importing it into Donorfy. That's because the data inside the file will be corrupted (e.g. if opened in Excel) and the upload to Donorfy will not work.

Importing the Multi-day Transaction Report into Donorfy

From the Integrations > Facebook Giving Tools area click on the Upload tab.

Here you can upload your Facebook file(s) and also see previously uploaded files under the upload area.


Locate your recently exported Facebook Multi-day Transaction Report and drag/drop it into the shaded area shown below.



Once the file has been added to the upload area it will be checked and if all is OK. The Apply Changes button will appear against the file name.

Clicking this button means the following updates will occur:

  • for donations to a new Fundraiser the fundraiser constituent will be added. It will add a new constituent because at this stage we don't get enough information about the person who initiated the Fundraiser to reliably match to an existing constituent. You can subsequently merge constituents if they turn out to be the same person.

  • for donations to a new Fundraiser or Button, the Fundraiser/Button will be added (so that you can later change the attribution of the donations relating to that Fundraiser/Button, set targets etc).

  • add the donations to either the anonymous constituent or the constituent found/added - according to Settings.
    • The Payment Method associated with a transaction is derived from the type of Button or Fundraiser
    • Donations to Fundraisers will be soft-credited to the fundraiser constituent. The Transactions will be created and attributed to the Campaign, Product, Fund, Department associated with the Fundraiser or Button.
    • For donations where the currency sent (the currency in which the donation was made) is different to the payout currency (likely to be your home currency) the Transaction Comments field will be populated with a note explaining which currency the original donation was made in.

  • add the donor constituent - according to settings. Donor comms consent is updated as follows:

    • if the donor ticked the communications consent box during the donation process in Facebook/Instagram then the corresponding Purpose in Donorfy will be set to Green (OK to contact)

      It should be noted that where the supporter has confirmed that the charity can keep them informed about the impact of their fundraising, the integration will set the Email Channel to Yes. 

      The Preferred Channel will be set to Email, where permission was granted.

    • if the donor did not tick the communications consent box and a new constituent is being created then the Purpose will be set to Red (do not contact)

    • if the donor did not tick the communications consent box and the donor is an existing constituent (we may have matched on say email and first name...) then the Purpose is left unchanged.

  • Add a Gift Aid Declaration to the found/added donor constituent if they ticked the Gift Aid box during the donation process. The Declaration End Date will be saved according to the setting in Settings.

  • For donations where Facebook has not provided some details, Donorfy will use the following:
    • when Permalink is empty, populate Donorfy with ""
    • when Source Name is empty, populate Donorfy with "Unknown"
    • when Donation Type is empty, populate Donorfy with "Unknown"
    • when Fundraiser Type is empy, populate Donorfy with "Unknown"

Donations are not imported when...


Pre the integration Start Date

Donations are not imported when the donation date is prior to the Integration Start Date in:

Integrations >Facebook Giving Tools > Settings tab


Are Refunds

Where a donation has been refunded, the refunded amount will not automatically be actioned in your Donorfy. 

As part of the upload process, you will receive a confirmation email. Where a refund has been present within that uploaded file (denoted by an R in the Charge action type column), the confirmation email will report that a refund was located in the file and action is required. 

Below is an example email:


To locate your refunded item, within the Uploads tab of the Facebook Giving Tools, find the corresponding upload and click on Download. 

Open the file and filter by the column 'Charge action type' so that only those rows with an R are displayed. The below image shows the R (refund):

You can then process the refund within your Donorfy as per your organisation's processes.
For example, this may be to delete the original transaction (though if a Transaction has claimed Gift Aid, the Gift Aid would need to be refunded before the Transaction can be deleted).




If a file has been uploaded and processed in error, it is possible to undo the import (therefore removing any transactions, Fundraisers, Buttons, and Constituents that were added). The Undo button appears against the file name of imported files.


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for the Facebook Integration - enrol here


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