Form Error Messages


If there is a problem when either a form is requested or submitted we display an error message - similar to one below - the message includes an error number as shown in the yellow box - the meaning of the error numbers are listed below.




Error Codes:

  • 1 - Form request looks suspicious and has been blocked - see this article for more information

  • 2 - a form with the URL requested cannot be found - check that the URL form and URL suffix is correct


  • 3 - the Form is not active 


  • 4, 5, or 6 - our spam checking algorithms have flagged the form as suspicious - it looks like the form was submitted by a spambot

  • 7 - form failed ReCaptcha - it looks like the form was submitted by a spambot

  • 8 - the amount is below the minimum transaction value set within your Stripe dashboard - the basic minimum value is 30p gbp.

  • 12 - is usually presented where a Form has been refreshed or accessed numerous times in short succession, for example when doing a lot of testing or checking due to changes that had been made, and it results in a failed ReCaptcha. 

    You will need to ensure the IP address you are using is added to the 'Allowed' list under the Security Tab. Or it may have been blocked already in which case they will need to set it to Allowed instead: Form & Web Widget Security





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