Viewing Mailchimp activity in a Constituent's Timeline


Once you have linked Donorfy to Mailchimp (see this article) and linked your Donorfy Campaigns to a corresponding Mailchimp Campaign (see this article), you will be able to view the activity on a Constituent's Timeline.

The timeline will provide a 'window' view where there has been an interaction with the email (open, click, bounce) if the email has not been interacted with then no summary detail will be presented within Donorfy.

If the email has been read in a preview screen or the contact has image blocking switched on then MailChimp invisi-pixel will be blocked and the email will not be tracked.

There can be a few hours time delay in the data updating in Donorfy from first linking and then, when you view a timeline it can take a few moments for the data to show as it is being refreshed.


View Linked Mailchimp Campaign activity from a Constituent's Timeline

Activity associated with Mailchimp campaigns (number of opens, bounce email and number of clicks on links) that are linked to Donorfy can be shown in the constituent's Timeline - you can choose to show this information by ticking the Mailchimp History box on the timeline filters:



You can also open the corresponding record in Mailchimp by clicking on the Timeline item. 



Important if your Mailchimp campaign is not linked to a Donorfy Campaign then the activities for that Mailchimp campaign will not appear on the Timeline.

Mailchimp activity details are not actually stored in Donorfy (they are shown live from Mailchimp) and therefore cannot be searched for or reported on in a List.  This needs to be done from Mailchimp.

You can download the data from Mailchimp and import as an Activity using the File Uploader if required, but the information will be static, i.e as was at the time of export/import, and not live.


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Mailchimp - enrol here


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