Step 5: Updating Mailchimp from Donorfy


You can update a Mailchimp audience (formerly list) from one or more Constituent Lists - to do this you must either be an administrator in Donorfy or have 'Can Update Mailchimp' permission allowed under Data lists - see this article for more information.

The process to update Mailchimp from Donorfy is manually actioned - i.e you will need to initiate the sync process and then confirm the items to update. This way you have control of what is sent to Mailchimp rather than all email address and changes being sent.

This is particularly handy where you may only want to update a segment of your constituents for a particular campaign email or to add to a different Mailchimp audience other than your mail one.


You will first need to create your Constituent List and add any filters you need - then from the buttons above the results press the Mailchimp button



Choose the Mailchimp audience you want to update 



and press Preview Update - this will start the update running. 



A note will appear above your list's name to show that the process is queued 



Open the Mailchimp Updates tab will show the status of your sync



Refresh your screen (Ctrl+R) and re-enter the MailChimp Updates tab - this will update the process. Once the summary screen appears, you can then select what you would like to update:



To review the constituents that are to be added/updated, click on the links (shown in orange below) - this will download a list to Excel for you to check.



When you have checked the files set the toggle switches to Yes to Ok the updates or leave as No to ignore the updates.



Once you have set the updates you want to make - press Update Mailchimp to start the update process.



When the update process is complete, you will receive an email message confirming the changes and listing any issues arising during the update.

See this article to find out how the update works.

If having previewed an update you decide not to update your Mailchimp audience, press the Delete button to delete the preview.


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Mailchimp - enrol here





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