Reporting on JustGiving transactions


The following is some key information to aid the reconciliation and reporting on JustGiving donations.

Donorfy receives data from JustGiving as follows:

Fundraising Pages – these update nightly with the latest fundraiser information and Fundraising Page information and totals.

Donations and Gift Aid – payments arrive on a weekly basis into Donorfy, typically a Thursday night. The payments are for all of those donations that have recently been paid out into your bank account.

A summary of the latest information received from JustGiving can be located in the JustGiving settings and show:

  • Data last retrieved on mm/dd/yyyy - this is when the integration last received data from JustGiving
  • Most recent donation payment received mm/dd/yyyy - the date of the most recent donation received - this is the donation date and not date added
  • Most recent Gift Aid payment received mm/dd/yyyy - the date of the most recent Gift Aid payment detail



Reporting on your JustGiving Transactions

You can create Transaction Payment Reports to locate detailed information on Gift Aid claimed and Processing fees as well as locate specific transactions by their JustGiving references.

Below are the key data fields in Transaction Lists that will help with your reporting:

  • Reference – Fundraising Page name
  • Payment Reference 1 - Invoice Number / Payment Reference
  • Payment Reference 2 – Fundraising Page ID
  • Payment Reference 3 – JustGiving Donation ID
  • Gift Aid Amount Claimed – Gift Aid Claimed by JustGiving
  • Processing Costs Amount – the transaction and Gift Aid fee charged by JustGiving
  • Plus, there are also your usual fields such as Fund, Campaign, Payment Method, Product, Connected Constituent, etc.

The dates for the transactions relate as follows:

  • Date Added – the date that the donation was added to Donorfy
  • Transactions Date – Donation Date
  • Date Paid – Donation Date
  • Accounting Date – JustGiving Payout Date


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